Tomato Alert: Help.

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I hope this section will be of help to you. You can also contact me directly: I'll be glad to listen to any ideas or feedback!


Before starting Tomato Alert you need to set the list of programs you are going to work in.

Edit tomato_config.txt and write one program or website per line. Example:

// Write the list of programs or webs you want to be focused on. One per line. Example:

  • Google Talk
  • Photoshop

// Seconds you can spend in any other program before you receive an alert:

  • max_seconds 20

Tomato Alert is very versatil. For example, if you want to work in "Microsoft Visual Studio C++" you can either write:

Any of these variations will work! Don't worry about upper or lower case characters!

You can also set website names. Example:

How do I use Tomato Alert?

Minimize Tomato Alert and start working. That's all!

How do I know it is working?

After minimizing Tomato Alert and providing you are using your "allowed" apps or websites then the alert icon will be displayed in green. It will remain green even if you use Windows Explorer (opening folders, etc). You can deactivate this setting in the following point.

Otherwise the icon will be yellow. After the max seconds are spent outside of the designated apps or websites then the icon will become red and alert you.

I want Tomato Alert to take into account the time spent in Windows (opening folders, etc)

Add track_explorer_off like program name to tomato_config.txt.